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Career Counselling

Today’s student is very competitive and wants to keep himself updated on different fields of Career Options and Avenues. So, to be abreast with time and opportunities available, Career Counseling becomes imperative and indispensible. Thus, we had a session of Career Counseling at Dharamjeevi Institute, so that the students can avail the facility and think about the best future for them. This was held on January 10, 2012, at the Campus, and students participated with great interest and enthusiasm to choose their future profession in life. Counseling session was headed by Dr. Shashi Anand, Dean, Department of Commerce, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

He gave us insight into all possible career choices and answered queries of students. Following are the minutes of the session;

Mr. Anand talked about all possible career moves, such as gaining experience before going for further studies or completing the studies before taking up any job. He shared with us the benefits of both the moves.

The students took very active part in the discussion. They asked very relevant and important questions, and these were answered by Mr. Anand very satisfactorily.

He also discussed and informed about the opportunities available, such as start Tutoring, Jobs available in Private Colleges, Government jobs, pursue Research and work in the field of research, oppurtunities of jobs abroad, etc. He gave the details of preparation for various Competitive Exams and eligibility for these available positions and how to go about to apply and appear for them.

Objectives of Career Counselling:-
  • Providing detailed information about the prospective Career or Choices.
  • Providing several career options and also their Comparative summary, so that the students have a vast range of options and they can pick or choose one best suitable to them.
  • Solving the problems of students which they are facing in their respective career.
Sr. Date Event
1 03-02-2018 Scope after B.Ed. Course in India and abroad

Composition & Activities of the Ecology Club

The following are the team members of this club:
In-Charge: Members:
Dr. Shalini Rajput Ms. Suman
Sr. Date Event
1 08-04-2009 Tree Plantation
2 25-02-2010 Tree Plantation
3 29-03-2011 Tree Plantation
4 27-11-2011 to 28-11-2011 Training module of Environmental Education
5 17-04-2012 Tree Plantation
6 16-01-2013 Tree Plantation
7 24-01-2013 Awareness campaign regarding Diseases of Plants
8 25-01-2013 Visit to Arjun Herbal Park
9 28-01-2013 Extension lecture on Environmental Awareness
10 14-02-2013 Poster and slogan Making competition
11 20-01-2014 Tree Plantation
12 07-10-2015 Tree Plantation
13 04-06-2016 Tree Plantation and Awareness Rally on ‘Save Environment’
14 07-10-2016 Tree Plantation and Awareness Rally on ‘Save Environment’
15 03-03-2017 Extension Lecture on Life Skills
16 27-01-2018 Skills for Health and Happiness
17 1-10-2019 Tree plantation and Awareness Rally on “Save Environment”

Composition & Activities of the Science Club

The following are the team members of this club:
In-Charge: Members:
Ms. Kajal Ms. Suman
Sr. Date Event
1 19-10-2011 Free Medical Camp for Community
2 01-12-2011 & 02-04-2012 Aids Awareness Rally
3 19-01-2012 Free Dental Check-up
4 03-05-2012 Yoga & Meditation Camp
5 05-11-2012 Polio Awareness Rally
6 25-01-2013 Educational Tour(Visit to Panorma)
7 04-02-2013 Model making competition & Lecture on Balance Diet
8 24-02-2013 Free Eye-Check up & General Medical Check up
9 25-10-2013 Rally against malnutrition
10 01-12-2013 Aids Awareness Rally
11 03-12-2013 Observing World Disability Day
12 01-12-2014 Rally on World Aids Day
13 03-12-2014 Slogan writing competition on International Disability Day
14 01-12-2015 Aids Awareness Rally
15 12-11-2016 Quiz Competition on General science
16 1-12-2016 Aids Day
17 3-12-2016 International Disability Day
18 16-02-2017 Visit to Arjun Herbal Park
19 01-12-2017 AIDS Day
20 08-12-2017 Extension Lecture on Health issues or Conditions affect women differently than men
21 30-11-2019 Essay writing Competition on AIDS Day
22 03-12-2019 Observing International Disability Day
23 05-06-2020 Environment Day Celebration

Community Cell "Sahyog"

Community plays a significant role in developing and modification of the behaviour of the students. Being the integral part of the society, there is needed to organize various programmes which may develop mutual cooperation and understanding between college and community. In Dharamjeevi Institute of Professional Education students are trained to develop healthy relationships among themselves and with the community. Literacy Camp is organized in Sai Mohalla village to educate the rural woman. Students are taken to community visit which include visiting to NGO’s Sarthak, Uddayan, Chetna by gathering first hand experience. Community awareness rally is also undertaken which highlights the burning issues of the day and awaken the general public issues of the day and awaken the general public.

This cell also helps school kids and village children, to make them learn from some educational tips given to them, from time to time. It also helps the needy children in the society, by distribution of stationery.

The cell organized a meeting with renowned person of Village Baghala to tell them that the main aim of this cell is to promote the care and understanding individual needs and to increase awareness among the people regarding Sarve Shiksha Abhiyan to make the villagers aware regarding value of education for everyone, Beti Bachao Abhiyan to bring awareness to the rural women about importance of females or girls, in the society for the success of the nation and how female feticide is creating imbalance in the society.

The cell is organized Safai Abhiyan to make the villagers aware of cleanliness and hygiene in and around their homes and their community. Because the people of village were not completely aware of the kind of diseases and infections they were prone to, by not keeping their surroundings clean and hygienic be taken care of, for the safety of their own chidren. The main aim of this cell is to bring awareness among the villagers, regarding the importance of cleanliness, education, health and to eradicate the whims about superstitions, from their minds. The Cell is functioning fully fledged with support from the college management, Principal and the faculty members from college. The college intends to make a higher impact by involving participation of all interested students from the college.

Composition of Community Cell:

Coordinator: Members:
Dr. Sudesh Taneja Ms. Suman Rajpal
Dr. Meenakshi Sharma

Activities conducted by the community cell

Sr. Date Activities
1 11th March 2011 Visit to Chetna
2 25th Jan 2012 Oath ceremony on Voters' Day
3 25th Jan 2013 Oath ceremony on Voters' Day
4 11th April 2013 Visit to Sarthak and Uddayan NGO'S
5 16th April 2013 Safai Abhiyan in Gurudara and its surrounding areas
6 30th April 2013 Awareness Rally on Traffic Rules
7 2 May 2013 Show educational movie to motivate the students from village background
8 14th May to 24th May Literacy Camp
9 03-11-2014 Safai Abhiyan
10 16-12-2014 to 21-12-2014 Literacy camp for Village
11 01-10-2015 Awareness Programme in Bagthala
12 03-12-2015 Visit to NGO
13 15-01-2016 Rally on Safai Abhiyan
14 30-09-2016 Awareness Rally on Malnutrition
15 21-10-2016 Rally on Cleanliness Drive
16 26-11-2016 Awareness Programme among villagers for digitization
17 25-01-2017 Oath Ceremony
18 02-03-2017 to 04-03-2017 Scout and Guide camp
19 25-01-2018 Oath Ceremony
20 20-09-2019 Rally on Safai Abhiyan
21 09-12-2019 Oath ceremony on Anti Corruption Day
22 08-05-2020 Poem Writing
23 26-01-2021 Online Republic Day Celebration
24 15-02-2021 Rangoli Competition

'Language Club': A co-operative learning:

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Our college formed an 'English language club', with an aim of helping students improve their skills in English language, through various activities. Now it has become an effective source of learning through multiple literary activities. It provides a congenial environment to the teacher trainees to achieve their comfort level in language use, as per the demand of different situations. For this, a Software was purchased and set up in the computers lab., from a company of repute, which teaches the students the language with the help of proper 'sound system', like phonetics.

Aims and objectives:
  • To facilitate the communication skills in English language.
  • To nurture a sense of leadership, team spirit and co-operation among the students, this will help them to perform better in their career, in future.
  • To provide a platform for students, in order to practice and develop their language skills.
  • To carry out periodic evaluation of the standard of students in English language and prescribe measures to improve it.
  • For better grooming of personality of the students.
  • To help students enrich their minds with creative ideas for language excellence.
  • To keep them motivated enough for learning language with the help of interesting games etc.
  • To promote the pleasures and values associated with intellectual curiosity, creativity and learning.
  • Where appropriate, to enable students whose mother tongue is not English, to have access to reinforced instruction, in order to achieve a comparable level of attainment to that of English mother-tongue students in the subject.
  • Positively to facilitate the integration of average students into the main stream of class.
  • To develop the highest possible standard of competence in written and spoken English

Activities undertaken under this club, includes weekly language sessions, speech, debate, essay writing competition, quiz contest and poetry recitations. In addition to these, extension lectures by experts were also arranged for better assistance in this direction.The scheduled events details were given below:-

Sr. Date Events
1 10th Feb. 2010 State Level Poetical Symposium
2 23rd Feb. 2010 Extension Lecture on Presentation Skills
3 7th March Quiz competition
4 20th April 2011 Speech and chart making competition
5 29th Sep. 2011 Essay writing competition
6 3rd March 2012 Extension lecture
7 15th Jan. 2013 Literacy awareness rally
8 24th Jan. 2013 Lecture on effective communication techniques
9 14-24 May 2013 Literacy Camp
10 04-10-2013 Essay writing competition
11 06-01-2014 Speech competition
12 14-09-2015 Celebrating Hindi Divas
13 19-09-2016 to 24-09-2016 Literacy Camp
14 23-02-2017 Declamation
15 02-03-2017 Extension Lecture on Personality Development of Self
16 10-03-2018 Extension Lecturer on Digital Awareness Programme
17 15-05-2018 National Level Workshop on “Innovative Pedagogy and Effective Teaching-learning”
18 10-08-2019 National Level Workshop on “Teaching for Creative and Critical Thought”
19 14-09-2019 Slogan Writing Competition
20 09-05-2020 Slogan Writing, Essay Writing
21 10-02-2021 Online Poetry Recitation Competition
The following are the team members of this club:
In-charge Dr. Ranjana
Members Mr. Shivam

Grievance & Redressal cell :

As per the discussion in general staff meeting in the office of Respected Principal it has been decided to form a grievance and redressal cell named “Shanti”, to provide peaceful, happy and harmonious learning atmosphere in the college. It has been seen sometimes that little problems which sometimes are not even problems may disturb the regular functioning of an institution just because these create an environment and pressure on the minds of students and teachers which hinder the smooth functioning of an institution. With the aim to provide an end to these confusions and so called problems this cell has been formed. Students and Staff are given chance to express their grievance related to academic matter and also related to any other matter related to college. The Cell will provide a forum for the students to ventilate their grievance related to personal, discipline and college matter etc. Necessary steps will be taken to solve their problems. For this purpose suggestion/ complaint boxes have been installed in the institution in which any one even if he/she wants to remain anonymous, can put in writing their grievances and suggestions for improvement. These grievances will be taken on priority bases and will take quick decisions to solve the problems of the students. To solve the problems of students/teachers the cell will call a meeting with principal and management.

Main objectives of Grievance and Redressal cell:
  • Upholding the dignity of the college by ensuring stress free atmosphere in the college through promoting cordial student-student relationship and student-teacher relationship.
  • Encouraging the students to express their problems freely and frankly without a fear of being victimized.
  • Advising students of the college to respect the right and dignity of one another and show utmost restraint and patience.
  • To maintain congenial working environment for the students.
  • Advising teachers to be affectionate to the students and not behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason.
  • To analyze the problem & find out suitable solutions.
  • To suggest remedial measure to the Principal in order to solve the grievance for the smooth running of the college.
Members of the cell:
In-Charge: Members:
Dr. Meenakshi Sharma Dr. Shalini
Dr. Sudesh
Research Cell:

As we know, Research is an integral part of teaching. With the help of Research Cell, an attempt is made to inculcate research culture and attitude. The College promotes research in education that involves both the teachers and the students and this include action research projects. The research programmes of the college are mainly concentrated on the following areas: Classroom teaching problems, problems related to management and administration etc. Therefore our teachers are actively engaged in research which including doctoral research, institutional research projects etc.

Aims and Objectives:
  • To promote intellectual excellence and encourage research scholars to explore the world of educational research.
  • To impart knowledge and training of latest technology for teaching.
  • To ensure greater participation of teachers in research activities.
  • To facilitate meaningful inter linkage of college with research institutes.
  • To develop competencies among teacher trainees, research scholars and also with staff members to provide high quality education in accordance with the best emerging trends of developing society
  • To undertake Research and Publications, using multi-media and also to participate in collaborative programmes with other institution and agencies for achieving desired goal.
  • To make optimum and effective use of existing resources – the human resources as well as infrastructure.

Women's Cell:

Sr. Date Events
1 18-10-2016 Mehandi Competition
2 28-10-2016 Rangoli Competition
3 17-01-2017 Awareness Rally on Beti Bachao, Beti Padao
4 04-03-2017 Extension Lecture on Women Health in India: Issues and Concerns
5 08-03-2017 Women Day Celebration
6 15-03-2017 Extension Lecture on Achieving Women Empowerment in India
7 21-01-2018 Basant Panchmi Celebration
8 08-03-2018 Extension Lecturer on Women Empowerment, Need of the Hour
9 27-09-2019 Awareness Rally on “Beti Bacho Beti Padho”
10 16-10-2019 Mehandi Competition
11 25-10-2019 Rangoli
12 07-05-2020 Poster-making, Collage-making
13 03-02-2021 Online slogan writing competition